marcel noll
Marcel Noll

Born in 1960, Marcel Noll began his musical journey by learning to play the violin as a child. As a teenager he played violin and guitar in the music band Defroster. After high-school he decided to study violin, music theory and composition. At this time, he also took his first steps as a film composer by scoring several short films. After his studies, he worked as a music teacher, before seizing the chance in 1989 to become a violinist for the symphonic orchestra at the opera of Barcelona. During his time as an orchestra musician, he worked with well-known artists such as Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Edita Gruberova and Ricardo Muti. Additionally, he played his own works and film music arrangements with his ensemble Cuarteto Mathis. In 1998 he was voted chairman of the opera orchestra. After an encounter with composer Helmut Lachenmann in the same year, he decided to henceforth focus more on his work as a composer. He founded his own music agency in Barcelona and in 2002 he quit his work as an orchestra musician. Since then he has been working as a successful advertising and film composer. In 2011, Marcel Noll wrote the impressive score for the Norwegian children’s film Totally True Love.


Latest soundtracks & commercials
4 Kings (2015)